Oct 18, 2008 8:06 PM

Frenchy in Paradise Island

Hey there, I am new on the Island and was nicely offered to participate on IslaLife, anything would do said my friend Daniel. So crappy, boring, badly written should be fine...
I am just joking, I ll try my best, but, where was I already? Jajajaja

Oh yes, lets start from the beginning, who is this crazy person? Why is she here? What did and does she do? How did she end up in Paradise?
Many many questions that will be answered when their time comes, when I feel like it, or maybe never to let people imagine and dream their own story.
I am Karoline, French, Master in Psychology, its funny how few words discribes a persons whole life, I could have said, likes cheese, children and sun, but I guess the image of a child-cheese-sandwich melting in the sun would not promote well neither my story nor the island or even my point!
So here I am, after "tripping around the world" for a year, from Europe through Canada to India Asia Australia, I guess I had to end it with a "A" again, and here it is: "Isla".
This little island I heard about on the internet and its Little Yellow School (http://www.isla-mujeres.net/school/home.htm) was what attracted me at first, and after not even on day, I was in love!

So here is a little presentation of our Isla and some (only of few for now) high points of interest:
Isla que bonita con...
Playa del Norte and the chill sand beaches

la "comida" tan buena for each and every taste from tacos deliciosos...

to home-made Cool ice-creams (blink-blink)...

and of course any drink you'd like...

and we can't forget the Mescal-scorpion-shots, that we definetly had in one of the crazy bars on Avenida Hidalgo, the main street on Isla:

The (often not entirely remembered) nights at Pocna
and even a soon to open Language and Bartending School how cool is that?!
Check it out at http://phunkyphreak.blogspot.com/

Yes, I suppose you must be thinking !!Mamamia!! It pretty much fits the description of Paradise

But a Heaven where the capital sins are mused by so many...
Lust,Gluttony, Envy...and most of all Sloth (I prefer to call it the art of perfectionning chilling) coz what else can you do with so much sun, silver sand and transparent-turquoise water???

I have been living in la Gloria for a few weeks now, its a cool area, with much more locals, Mexican fiestas and intimate strips of sand

and a rocky, dangerous and attractive east side, with impressive surfs coming from the caribbean sea on windy days
lots of small "Abarrotes" where you can always find everything a proper mexican "corner-store" should have, coke, tostadas, toilet paper and usually a dog at the door...
I love that area, althought its probably the poorest part of Isla
thats also why they built the school here, to enable the children and family the most in need to attend easily
Its also a more peaceful area, with a lot less tourists and therefore, less hassling from the street sellers, but you know, at the same time we need to understand, they have a rent to pay, a family to feed, and so many other things....
The people from Isla, for whom the tourists are the first income, will often give it back to you in many smiles if you don't just ignore them...
And in general I have the impression that los Mexicanos are very friendly, they greet you or smile to you on the street (and not only guys ;))

the children are so cute, you almost wanna eat them
and even the taxis drivers have always some crazy story to tell you about their
wifes' -brother-in-law-cuñado-de-su -Mama and god knows what
who has a cheese store in Oaxaca (and they know that talking cheese with a french girl always works!)
or that other time when "El Grillo" my favorite late-night driver, saved a huge blue-crab (cangrejo azul), trying to cross the road, supposibly they are endangered and as I can see also protected...
So many adventures and stories to tell already, in just 3 weeks
and so many more to come!
Besos from Paradise

To be continued...

2 Comments On "Frenchy in Paradise Island"

Daniel Says:
October 20, 2008 at 12:58 PM

Great post! Thank you very much for your view on Isla Mujeres!

Karo Says:
October 20, 2008 at 6:39 PM

thanks, yours were not bad either

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