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Moving to Isla Mujeres

Mexico it was supposed to be a study and exploring trip.. I wanted to see all that Mexico had to offer, but only had limited time (and money) to do so..

We started out in a remote town high up in the mountains called Guanajuato, which lies in the state of (you guessed it!) Guanajuato!

The huge difference in coming from the freezing country of Norway to the warm and exotic Mexico was quite a shock!

There were so many things to
get used to, and so much to learn at once..

My patience was the first
thing that needed a huuuuge change..
I feel I have become a much more
patient man than before visiting Mexico..

Guanajuato was where I tried to learn some Spanish, where I met a lot of new friends, and where they always had an excuse to have a fiesta! If you are ever nearby Guanajuato during the Cervantino festival, you`ll understand what I`m talking about.

The town just explodes with people! Fantastic place!
But somehow I felt
something was missing.. The beaches, the ocean and the waves...
I am from a town in Norway called Kristiansand (population 75 000), but what`s nice about it is it`s close to the ocean.. and I love the ocean!
I am used to seeing it
everywhere, and since we now were in Mexico, going to the beach was something I just had to do!

We went on a trip to Playa Maruata in Michoacan together with some friends from Guanajuato. Maruata is a beautiful place where there are very few tourists!
We spent our first night setting up tents by the beach, going swimming, and eating pescadillos (fish"burgers") Eventually we bought a hammock from one of the beachvendors, and just lying in the hammock enjoying the view is one of my best memories of Maruata!

sight watching the sunset!

The next morning, we woke up to some disturbing news..
A couple
that were sleeping together in one of the tents had just gone out a
short trip to the toilet, and when they came back, both their backpacks had been stolen! Their money, clothes, food and drinks were all gone! We decided to help them out so we could stay a night our two more, and altough we kept an eye on our tents did`nt think much more of it..

We still had a nice time, went swimming (which as we later learned, turned out was dangerous) and kept an eye out at night for any turtles laying eggs on the beach. We learned about the recent shark attacks on the west coast of Mexico when we came back to GTO (Guanajuato), and especially during the times the turtles were laying eggs, the ocean was supposed to be unsafe..

Oh well! We`re still alive and kicking, so no worries! :)
We had another great night with fun and games in our hammocks by the beach.. Just wonderful!

The next morning, our unlucky couple found out someone had stolen their
sandals, so now they were broke, without clothes, cellphone, ipod or shoes! Poor them!

We saw no tur
tles during our trip, but i caught this turtle cracker trying to run away, does that count?

We decided to stay one more night, as this was not a mayor incident, and this night we were late in bed! We had a good party the six of us, some mescal, pescadillas and snacks, and we were back in our happy moods! We played our legendary game of "Pantalones" and it worked as it always does.. VERY WELL!
I fell asleep at once, but later woke up because of Merethe`s yelling, she said she felt someone was outside the tent, and I took my devilsticks and yelled too.. When we took a look outside, it was empty.. spooky!
It was harder to fall asleep after that, and I woke up really early..

Spent the morning hung over in our hammock, when I suddenly noticed
something funny with our tent.. There was a big cut next to the entrance, just above the plastic part..
Merethe was right, someone obviously tried to rob our tent while we were sleeping in it..
We did not miss anything, but still..Not fun at all!

This was such a beautiful place, I wish we could feel safe there!
We decided to end it, and go back to Guanajuato
At least two of our group only had to carry their tents.. (look at the bright side!)
We had our heavy backpacks!

Back in Guanajuato we were 2000 meters above sealevel, and surrounded by mountains.. It was freezing at night in the wintertime! The wind was horrible once the sun went down for the night.

Anyway, when we decided to move on and heard about this laidback beautiful Island called Isla Mujeres, a very popular backpacking island, we just had to go there!
We arrived in
December 2007 and our first nights were spent on the most popular hostals on the Island, Pocna.. But let`s not get too much ahead.. This Island can satisfy almost anyone! In
so many ways!

I`ll be writing much more, so pay close attention to the blog!

Also, all feedback is great! We love hearing from visitors and inhabitants on Isla Mujeres! We are also looking for co-writers to the blog, to make sure it`s as good as possible! Do you want to join us and tell everyone how life on Isla Mujeres is?

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Anonymous Says:
January 6, 2012 at 6:15 AM

Looking forward to what you have to say about Isla Mujeres! I'm 16 and looking to move to a nice tropical island, so I can use all the information I can get.

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